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There's always something to discover at West Gippsland Arts Centre

Janine Riches and Laurel Foenander

Exhibition 14 May – 14 June
Exhibition Opening 15 May 5.15pm

In early March 2019, bushfire once again devastated the communities surrounding the Bunyip State Forest. Amongst the almost complete destruction of the Jinks Creek Winery Complex was the iconic gallery curated by Abi Edwards- Clarke.

Two Gippsland artists, Janine Riches and Laurel Foenander lost dozens of their newest works in the inferno and this exhibition, Phoenix represents the renewal of their creative spirit after the fire, just as the green shoots are appearing in the bush.

In collaboration with Abi and Jinks Creek Wines and in the magnificently refurbished West Gippsland Arts Centre, this exhibition provides an insight into the varied inspirations and creative practises of both artists, and the emergence of Art from the ashes.

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