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Live on the Deck - I & II

Saturday 23 March and Saturday 30 March - 6:00pm

Live on the Deck I

Saturday 23 March 6:00pm

Cigány Weaver -
Live on the Deck 1 

Formed out of a love for the legendary partnership of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grapelli, Cigány Weaver is one of Australia's most exciting gypsy-jazz ensembles, with a dedicated following around Australia. Their sound is reminiscent of jazz Manouche, traditional swing and Romani music, interwoven with contemporary material from artists like Bjork, and the band’s reinterpretations of classics from popular culture.

Arugula -
Live on the Deck 1

Arugula share a flourishing artistic affinity which is reflected in their diverse and growing body of work.

Within each of Arugula’s tunes, a tasty rhythm section underpins sultry yet understated guitar parts and a truly soulful vocal performance. The band seamlessly wade through genres and moods, maintaining a distinctive sound that feels familiar yet fresh.

Arugula are looking forward to bringing their original tracks to the stage for this special event.

Wilson Blackley -
Live on the Deck 1 

 In 2018, Wilson Blackley recorded his debut EP Elephant, started gigging around Gippsland and coincidentally turned sixteen. He has gone on to tour around Victoria and New Zealand, with over two hours of original acoustic music, his trusty guitar, lapsteel (and his mum!). At the moment he’s getting ready to record his first album, combining his many influences of roots, rock, folk and pop into the Material Plane. (Coincidentally, the name of his upcoming album album.) Wilson and his all original set will be hitting the stage at the first ever Live On The Deck on the 23rd of March!

Live on the Deck II

Saturday 30 March 6:00pm

Wolf and Willow -
Live on the Deck II

Wolf and Willow is an alternative folk duo from Melbourne, Australia.
It all started with their first single 'Seaside', which went on to amass over 100,000 streams. From there, it was the acclaimed 'Born to Be' EP which saw them play across the east coast of Australia. Fresh from a tour through the US, Wolf and Willow now release their two latest singles, 'Falling' and ‘Into the Night’ – the first two segments in a trilogy of releases to be released throughout the year 

Khristian Mizzi -
Live on the Deck 2

More than just a few have said with enthusiasm that Khristian Mizzis songs take them to a place they'd forgotten in themselves". With a 'strong yet gentle voice, and an art for weaving beauty and truth into the words of each song, Khristian Mizzi reaches the hearts of his audiences with his performances.

Rachel Jameson - 
Live on the Deck II

Meet Rachel Jameson; one of Gippsland’s young emerging artists, with her raw melancholy lyrics paired with her unique voice, will leave you swept away by her honesty. Rachel released her first EP last year "Otherness" which has since been compared to the likes of Stella Donnely and Lily Allen.

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